Your Online Reality is Skewing Your Real Life Reality

Our online footprint is monitored in more ways than one which can skew our reality. Each of our digital experiences online are personalized to our way of thinking. This becomes our viewpoint which we see the world through. We gravitate towards those that share the same viewpoint on line.

If you prescribe to a particular news source, watch certain videos, shop or browse for certain things, you leave behind a digital trail. Little bots track you and remember what you like, dislike. Then it feeds you more of what you’re interested in. The internet becomes a personal customized digital wonder.

For Example…

What were you shopping for online today? Isn’t it funny how all the right ads pop up to show you what you need?

How about news? Are you left, right, liberal… all the news you read is customized to your beliefs and magnifies a reality that agrees with your viewpoint.

Is it funny that the internet that brings so many people online together to be united at the same time can be so personal and maybe at times divisive.

This digital reality is customized to you. Why do you think other countries that have dictatorships control the media and Internet so closely.

Why does China control internet and media?

Why does North Korea control internet and media?

Why does Russia control news and media?

That answer is to get the people to fit in their narrative. It’s to get them to fit into that reality. So much so that eventually they become so absorbed in this alternative reality. Some people begin to believe it and start to follow it and then it gets to the point where you believe only the system and everything else is wrong, fake, bad or not true.

And when you believe one thing so much nothing else matters. This unites and bonds those that believe in the same thing. But for those who don’t want to follow the system, those who disagree they become a part of another group that is also united. United in going against the system. Think of mainland China vs. Hong Kong. It’s one belief system imposing its muscle on another.

Let’s look at American democracy. Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press. This is what makes America such a great and amazing country. It was a place our fore fathers created where religions and various ideologies could live together.

However, in this democracy there are different viewpoints. And we also have this internet that can be used as a tool to magnify ones viewpoint. And now anyone out there who has prescribed to a certain viewpoint can connect with others of the same who believe the same.

Donald Trump is one who has used the internet, social media, the digital world to project his reality. He says the right things to get certain people to believe that he is right. He says things like DC is corrupted. He’s an outsider, he will change the establishment. He’s a rogue. He’s different. He doesn’t follow the norms of conventional politics. This is Trumpism. And there are those that believe this viewpoint. And they follow it.

People who believe this viewpoint don’t agree with other viewpoints. The news is wrong, fake, bad, not true. And anyone who disagrees with this viewpoint is bad.

I give props to Trump for controlling his digital narrative. Twitter is his tool of choice. And he gets his viewpoint across and people follow. Because most people are tired of the politics and politicians.

There is another viewpoint though. And this is the viewpoint that doesn’t prescribe to this ideology. The viewpoint that disagrees with Trumpism.

Trumpism is divisive. It’s us against them. It’s very straight forward bold, vulgar and in your face. Some Americans do have an “I don’t give a shit” attitude. So they lap it all up. Trump is their man. And the more angry people are the more they believe in the narrative. Mad at the Democrats, mad at the never-Trumpers. Republicans are Mad at the dems for impeaching Trump. They are mad at the process and that the Democrats had the audacity to do such a thing. Mad that others don’t follow or prescribe to their viewpoint.

Watch the videos online. Republicans are Angry. Listen to the internet and the viewpoints that agree with Trump… they are Angry.

Trump is smart. The more mad you are the more you are most likely believe and follow the viewpoint. Some people are mad as hell. Mad at poverty. Mad at bad health care. Mad at the system. They need someone to be mad with them. Trump does so well to play to those needs of the people who are mad at the establishment.

You can’t fight anger with anger. Anger is not the remedy for unity. This attitude of us versus them will not bring a nation together. As a matter of fact its the very opposite.

Set aside your hubris and do not look at the world through one viewpoint. Be aware of your digital trails. See the various viewpoints and be objective. Because if you think your viewpoint is the only truth than the truth is lost to you.



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